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There are Raku glazes recipes floating around in books, hand-outs, notebooks, websites, and magazines but rarely are they all in one location or in a consistent format.  

You may have hundreds of pages cut, clipped, or printed from the web stored in a binder but do you really have any hope of ever finding the recipe you are actually looking for?  

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If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a new collection of recipes you probably have been quickly disappointed to learn that a majority of them are the same as you already have and now you dozens of printed pages with only one or two actually unique recipes. 

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If you are new to Raku, you may not even know what the numbers in the recipe mean, or if the chemicals should be measured by weight or by volume, which could seriously affect a glaze. Both wasting your time and money.

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How many times have you come across a glaze recipe with strange or unknown chemicals and no explanation of possible substitutions? Wouldn't it be nice to have a handy list of substitutions for many common chemicals?

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A lot of glazes are known by different names or the same name is used to describe completely different glazes, so unless you have taken the time and effort to compile all these recipes into one collection, you won't know what recipes you have collected or are missing.

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You could collect all these recipes from all these different sources and you would have tons of duplication and overlap and then never be sure when, or if, any of these individual collections are updated.

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So what you want is a single, concise, collection of as many known Raku recipes as possible that is compiled and updated on a regular basis along with basic instruction on how to mix glazes, chemical substitutions, and and a simple overview of what colorants can do in a glaze for your own experimentation. 

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Apple Crackle
Blue Velvet
Copper Crush
Dragon Fly
Gold Luster
Kansas City Red

Lizard Skin
Poison Ivy
Rainbow Peacock
Smokey Mountain
Tear Drops
Tuitti Fruitti
Weiser Rust

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