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Raku: A Practical Approach - by Steven Branfman


This is the second Raku Bible that I have used and referred to repeatedly over the years. There is a short section on what Raku is and the history of Raku, but then it quickly moves into the guts of technical information on Raku.

Branfman includes clay recipes (for those who are interested in actually mixing clay) and several glaze recipes with some details on how they perform.

The real meat of the book is on kilns, building kilns, and firing a Raku kiln. Branfman covers firing in both an electric (I get that question a lot) and a gas kiln. He also details many plans and techniques for building your own Raku kiln.

Branfman also details many variations of firing methods including reduction firing, piece removal, and post firing reduction methods.

Sprinkled throughout the book are great examples of finished pieces using many different styles and techniques that I have used as a repeated source of inspiration.

Overall, the book is a very excellent text that covers the practical aspect of the Raku art form.



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