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Article - Resist-ing the Temptation of Glaze

Article - Functional Raku: Luminaries
Article - Making Raku Shard Wall Art

Article - Smokeless Raku


Tip - Candle Kiln
Tip - Careful Clay Drying

Tip - Cheap Resist Tape

Tip - Cleaning Raku

Tip - Creativity Kick Start

Tip - Fixing Dry Bags of Clay

Tip - Free Kiln Firing Guide

Tip - Mixing Glaze

Tip - Post Firing Blow Torch

Tip - Prevent Propane Tank Freezing


QA - Elevation Affect Raku?

QA - Gerstley Borate Gone?

QA - Good Starter Raku Glazes?
QA - Grass Glazing Technique?

QA - Raku Clay?

QA - Raku Cone?

QA - Raku Hold Water?

QA - Raku in an Electric Kiln?

QA - Candle Damage Luminary?


Glaze - Alligator
Glaze - Bad @ss Alligator

Glaze - Blue Crackle

Glaze - Clear Crackle (Piepenburg)

Glaze - Clear Crackle II

Glaze - Dynasty Blue: Laguna

Glaze - Gary's Green Crackle

Glaze - Hawaiian Copper Blue

Glaze - No Glaze

Glaze - Rogers Black

Glaze - Zion Mystery Glaze


Review - 500 Bowls (I'm in it)

Review - Complete Potter: Steve Mattison

Review - Creative Pottery: Michelle Coakes

Review - Penland Book of Ceramics

Review - Raku A Practical Approach: Steven Branfman

Review - Raku: A Review of Contemporary Work: Tim Andrews

Review - Raku: Investigations Into Fire: David Jones

Review - Raku Pottery: Robert Piepenburg

Review - Spirit of Clay: Robert Piepenburg


Workshop - Gil Harrison

Workshop - Robert Piepenburg Part I

Workshop - Robert Piepenburg Part II

Workshop - Robert Piepenburg Part III

Workshop - Robert Piepenburg Part IV



Misc - Hypnotic Writing / Marketing - Joe Vitale

Misc - Motorcycle Touring / Distance / Traveling

Misc - Road Thoughts 1 / HOG ABCs Trip

Misc - Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Strategy

Misc - Cookbooks Alton Brown / Rachael Ray




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