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Just Raku Article Archive


May #47 - Air Raku, High Alkaline Frits, Electric Raku, Perfect Setup,  Sun Fired Raku.

Feb #46 - Gold Glaze, Higby Glaze, Red Heat, Usable Glazes


Dec #45 - Electric Raku, Chemical Names, Glaze Maturity, Matte to Glossy
Nov #44
- Smokeless Alcohol Raku, Flame On, Pac-Man Fever

Oct #43 - Hang Tags, Unstoppable Glaze, Global Warming

Sept #42 - Copper Crackle, Piepenburg Patina

Aug #41 Water logged Glaze, Smoking Neighbors
July #40 
Crackle, Burners, Blogs, Iron Water

Jun #39 Naked Raku, Another Crazing Cause

Apr #38 Crazing, Bad Bisque

Jan #37

Nov - #36 
Sept/Oct - #35 
Aug - #34
Jul - #33  Birthday Gatorade, Food Safe Raku, Raku Slip, New Raku Book
Jun - #32 Icy Raku, Cracking Slabs, Raku Beading Glaze, Raku and Alcohol 
May - #31 Fading Glazes, Copper Matte,  Vanadium, Kiln Shelves
Apr - #30 Artist Block (part II), Glaze Application, Disappointing Glazes
Mar - #29 Artist Block (part I), Firing in Reduction, Roofing Torch
Feb - #28 Colorants (part II), Crackle Glaze, Vapor Glazing,
Jan - #27 Colorants (part I), Glaze Mixing, OCC Luster, Finding Chemicals

Dec - #26 Wood-fired Raku, Getting color, More non-blowing up pieces.
Nov - #25 Kiln Types, Pieces Blowing Up, Blow Torching Pieces, Another Purple
Oct - #24 Thick Pieces, Changing Glazes, Hawaiian Copper "Blues"
Sept - #23 Converting Glazes (Weight vs Volume), Less Runny Glazes
Aug - #22 Big Q&A Issues
July - #21 Firing Safety, Purple Crackle, Raku Smoke Safe?
May/Jun - #20 Signing Work, Stop Cracking Plates, Vanishing Colors
Apr - #19 Mark Free Glazes, Mix what you need,  Gold Raku
Mar - #18 Converting an Electric Kiln, Getting Copper, Rick's Turquoise
Feb - #17 New Book, Lichen Glazes, Types of Raku 
Jan - #16 Creativity

Dec - #15
eBay Raku II
Nov - #14
eBay Raku
Oct - #13 Glaze Testing II
Sep - #12 Glaze Testing
Aug  - #11 Shard Art Survival
Jul  - #10 Making Shard Art
Jun  - #9 Smokeless Raku
May - #8 Functional Raku: Luminaries
Apr - #7 Raku and Resists
Mar - #6 Piepenburg Workshop IV - Creativity
Feb - #5 Piepenburg Workshop III - Glazing & Firing
Jan - #4
Piepenburg Workshop II - Handbuilding

Dec - #3
Piepenburg Workshop I - Throwing
Nov - #2
Gil Harrison Workshop
Oct - #1
First Issue

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