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Raku: A Review of Contemporary Work
by Tim Andrews


I will warn you right now, this book is out of print, but if you can find a used copy (and there are a few available at the link above) get it.

This is a great combination of a technical book and a gallery book. Tim covers some of the main areas of Raku - Form, Color and Decoration, Post-firing, Glaze, and Surface treatments. But in each of these technical sections a group of contemporary Raku artists have been selected based on their artistic treatment in dealing with that technical area.

For example David Roberts is included in the Form section. He creates e tall, narrow, exaggerated forms primarily only using a white crackle glaze. His artistic focus is primarily on the form, not the glaze or post-firing reduction, etc.

Another example is Rick Foris in the color and decoration section. He creates these wonderful combinations of vessel and architectural forms, but achieves amazing copper matte flashing results.

Each artist that is profiled provides a basic artist statement then also typically includes some technical information on how they do their type of Raku. These are wonderful insights into the minds of dozens of artist.

This is a great book, if you want to be exposed to a vast array of Raku techniques and artists. There are hundreds of pictures that can provide many creative ideas for your own work.

I can't believe this book is out of print, but as I mentioned you can find some used at Amazon.com via:

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